I won’t need security vote as governor – Otti

Ogbonnaya Ikokwu, Umuahia
Governorship candidate of the Labour Party in Abia State, chief Alex Otti, has promised used resources allocated to the state to develop the state if he is elected governor of the state in the March 11, 2023 election.
He also vowed to abolish security vote, adding that he won’t need it to function as governor.
Otti who spoke at the Abia Youth summit in Umuahia the state capital on Saturday, urged Abia electorate to reject candidates who are linked to godfathers.
He assured that the resources of the state would be safe under him as governor as he would not share the resources of the state with stakeholders.
He said,“I won’t need security vote as Governor of Abia state. I’m going to use security votes to work for the people of the state. I don’t need it. 
“We intend to create cooperative societies where interest free loans will be given to people.  Given my background, I can do it well because I know how it works.  
“I won’t take Abia money and I won’t allow anybody to take it. I don’t have a godfather and I won’t allow godfatherism. They know I can’t be their stooge. They don’t want people who are independent minded. This is why they hate me.
“The problem of Nigeria and Abia is bad leadership. Character is everything. We are going to hire competent people. Leadership must have character, courage and consistency. When we are talking of leadership, it is not a joke but people think it is a joke. You must be prepared for leadership because the world is changing. Leadership is not for the local man otherwise he will operate locally. Once you get leadership right, everything will fall in place.”
He accused the PDP administration of mismanaging the state and inflicting poverty on the people and vowed to change the narrative if elected governor.
“There is nothing in Umuahia, it is a glorified village. Aba is completely decimated. The basic things aren’t done, but you share all the money.  You don’t pay pensioners and doctors are on strike. 
“The PDP government doesn’t understand the economy, the principles of demand and supply. Anytime, you are not paying workers and pensioners, you are shutting them out of the demand and supply chain at the detriment of the state. 
“When you pay salaries and pensions, you have empowered the workers and pensioners to participate in the economy and production will increase while more jobs will be created. 
“When you don’t pay people, they will resort to crime. Today, Abia is number 32 out of 36 on the ease of doing business. They are flying abroad looking for investors and foreign capital. I call it estacode scam because you will always return without any capital or investment. The owners of the foreign capital and investors have more information about your economy.”