Brothers at war over oil bunkering toll gate collection in Abia 

"I don't have problem with anybody"

The peace once enjoyed by the serene community of Umuaka in Ukwa West Local Government Area in Abia, seems to have been threatened by the ongoing fight among three brothers who are of the same parents.
Two of the brothers, Mr Charles Nwogu and Mr Nwankwo Nwogu, are now nursing their injuries as a result of machete cuts inflicted on them by the henchmen allegedly recruited by Eze Sunday Nwogu, as local vigilantes.
A bunker conveying the crude oil with a motorcycle.


This incident has thrown the entire community into utter confusion as the vigilantes are alleged to have also masterminded the burning down of six properties belonging to a community stakeholder, late Chief Silas Ogbuji.
The unfortunate incident is not unconnected with the alleged power tussle over toll gate collection from crude oil bunkering, as the community serves as a safe transit route for crude oil thieves.
Narrating his ordeal, Mr Charles Nwogu, who is the eldest, said that trouble started when his younger brother, Eze Sunday Nwogu (third in line of birth) asked him,  Mr Nwankwo Nwogu(fourth in line of birth) and others to vacate the toll collection for him.
He said that Eze Sunday, who is the traditional ruler of the community, decided to replace them with his local vigilantes for the toll business.
The private cell allegedly operated by the traditional ruler.


Charles explained that those vigilantes, who were allegedly collecting the money for the traditional ruler, were hand picked against the normal selection of the community, to carry out his bidding.
More worrisome is the revelation by Charles about the alleged illegal operation of private cell where the Eze orders the local vigilantes, who are his henchmen to detain people.
“These boys he recruited were equally responsible for the burning down of late Chief Silas Ogbuji’s six properties. One amongst the them is an ex-convict,” Charles said.
He told the police at Obehie Police Station, that he and his brother, Nwankwo were being detained in this cell after they were flogged and machete cuts inflicted on their backs and legs.
Charles continued: “He operates a private cell where he orders his henchmen to detain people. That was the same cell Nwankwo and I were equally detained, and brutally flogged with naked cable wires.
“His boys also operates toll gate where traders going to neighbouring states of Rivers and Bayelsa are forced to pay N1000 before they’re allowed passage.
 “The money collected are accounted for him.”
Confirming the incident,  the Investigating Police Officer at Obehie, Chioma told our correspondent via cellphone that the matter was reported at the station, but said the parties later took the matter home for settlement.
Queried why the matter was not being prosecuted in court, she said that the parties did not demand it.
“You know that the Eze and the two brothers are of the same blood – the same mother and father.
“We were only trying to resolve the matter for them,” she said.
Asked about the alleged illegal cell being operated by the Eze, the policewoman said she was not aware of that.
However, the investigating officer’s response contradicted the testimony of Charles who was detained in the alleged private cell.
Responding to the allegations, Eze Sunday Nwogu, who spoke with our correspondent via cellphone, denied any fight or problem with his brothers.
 “It is not something I can say on phone and I don’t  have problem with anybody,” he said.
Umuaka sits in the centre of five neighbouring communities; an arm’s length from Ogwe, Obiga, Umudiobia, Umuma in Rivers State and Owaza, an oil bearing community in Abia State.